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Our vision:

A world without heartworms.

More than a million pets in the U.S. have heartworms. But heartworm disease is preventable.

True to its mission of leading the veterinary profession and public in understanding heartworm disease, the American Heartworm Society sponsors heartworm education and research.

Vet in lab coat holding a white dog while working on cumputer

AHS Announces Updated Canine Heartworm Guidelines

The American Heartworm Society (AHS) has published an updated version of their Canine Heartworm Guidelines on heartworm prevention, diagnosis and treatment. The update, available on the AHS website at, was recently completed after a thorough scientific review by a team of authors from the fields of parasitology, cardiology, and clinical practice. The revisions to the AHS Canine Guidelines were based on the latest research and understanding of heartworm management. They also address FAQs posed to the AHS by veterinary professionals like you.

2022 Heartworm Incidence Map

Are Heartworm Cases on the Rise?

The American Heartworm Society (AHS) has just released a new Heartworm Incidence Map, using data collected from veterinary practices and shelters across the U.S. The states with the highest density of heartworm cases continue to be in and adjacent to the lower Mississippi Delta (Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Alabama, and Arkansas), but survey results also indicate a troubling trend: that heartworm cases have continued to edge upward both in states with the highest heartworm rates and in regions that historically have enjoyed low rates. Meanwhile, roughly half of veterinarians from participating practices and shelters said that heartworm rates have stayed about the same (53%) or increased (29%) rather than decreased (17%).
Pet Owner Video Explaining Heartworm Disease

Search for heartworm resources

Looking for expert advice on treating complications of canine heartworm disease? Guidelines on feline heartworm diagnosis? A video or infographic to post on your clinic Facebook or Instagram page? Or a new exam room poster to print? Find the free heartworm resources you need in the AHS Heartworm Resource Center.

Heartworm Guidelines

Preventing, diagnosing and treating heartworms

The American Heartworm Society is the veterinary profession’s leading resource on heartworm information. Our guidelines for heartworm management in dogs and cats incorporate the latest science and expert recommendations.

The days are getting shorter, the nights are cooler, leaves are starting to turn, and football season is here. But that doesn’t mean your clients can forget about protecting their pets from heartworms.

To keep this message front and center with your clients, we’re sharing a set of new posters you can print OR post on your Facebook or Instagram page.

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