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Looking for information or educational tools on heartworm management? Our NEW Heartworm Resource Center makes it easy to get the answers or assets you’re looking for. You may search/filter by one or more of the fields below.

Heartworm Testing: The WHY and HOW of Heat-Treating Samples (Susan E. Little)

Canine | Feline | Diagnosis | Shelters
Category: Video

Dilemma of the Missed Dose (Clarke Atkins)

Canine | Feline | Prevention | Shelters
Category: Video

Why Do We Remind to Test and NOT Prevent? (Tom Nelson)

Canine | Feline | Prevention | Diagnosis | Shelters
Category: Video

Doxycycline: The Role in Heartworm Treatment, Prevention, and Transmission (Matthew W. Miller)

Canine | Prevention | Diagnosis | Treatment | Shelters
Category: Video

Do Cats Get Heartworm?

Canine | Feline | Prevention | Diagnosis | For Owners | Shelters
Category: Video

Three Models of Care, expanding options for treating heartworms

Three specialists in shelter medicine discuss how they manage the medical, logistical and financial challenges of treating heartworm infection in patients.

Category: Webinar
Canine | Prevention | Diagnosis | Treatment | Shelters | Veterinary Professionals

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The days are getting shorter, the nights are cooler, leaves are starting to turn, and football season is here. But that doesn’t mean your clients can forget about protecting their pets from heartworms.

To keep this message front and center with your clients, we’re sharing a set of new posters you can print OR post on your Facebook or Instagram page.

  • To save or print a poster, just click on the image below, then click on the “download” button and save the PDF file.
  • To save a poster for use on your social pages, simply open the downloaded poster, then right click on the file and follow the menu instructions to save the file as a JPEG image.

For more client tools, be sure to visit the Resource Center. And if you don’t already, make sure you’re sharing our Facebook and Instagram posts!