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Life's a breeeeeeze with heartworm prevention!

In this video reel, a fluffy dog equates heartworm prevention with a carefree life

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Category: Video

Making the case for heartworm prevention to cat owners

Feline practitioner Dr. Mark Cousins of New Orleans explains how he positions heartworm prevention to cat owners as part of a preventive healthcare program.

Feline | Prevention | Veterinary Professionals | Cost | Incidence
Category: Video

Microclimates and their effects on mosquitoes and heartworm survival

American Heartworm Society Past President Dr. Stephen Jones what microclimates are and how they extend the length of time mosquitoes carrying heartworms can pose a threat.

Canine | Feline | Prevention | Life Cycle | Veterinary Professionals | Pet Owners | Incidence
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Minimizing Complications of Melarsomine (Stephen L. Jones)

Canine | Treatment | Shelters
Category: Video

Mosquito vectors in heartworm transmission

University of Arkansas entomologist Dr. Tanja McKay discusses mosquito vectors in the transmission of heartworm disease.

Life Cycle | Veterinary Professionals
Category: Video

Multimodal heartworm prevention

Veterinary cardiologist Dr. Matthew Miller explains why macrocyclic lactones are needed in conjunction with mosquito repellents in multimodal heartworm prevention protocols.

Canine | Prevention | Veterinary Professionals
Category: Video

New research on heartworm immune complex

Veterinary parasitologist Dr. Lindsay Starkey discusses published research on a novel way to break up immune complexes when diagnosing dogs with heartworm infection.

Canine | Feline | Diagnosis | Veterinary Professionals
Category: Video

Pros and cons of doxycycline in a heartworm treatment protocol

Parasitologist Dr. Dwight Bowman explains why he has reservations about routinely using doxycycline in a heartworm treatment protocol.

Canine | Treatment | Veterinary Professionals | Resistance
Category: Video

Rationale for doxycycline in heartworm treatment

Veterinary parasitologist Dr. Laura Kramer of the University of Parma explains her rationale for including doxycycline in a heartworm treatment protocol.

Canine | Treatment | Veterinary Professionals | Resistance
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