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There's No Season for Heartworm

Canine | Feline | Prevention | Exotics | Veterinary Professionals | Pet Owners | Incidence
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Thoracic Radiography and Canine Heartworm Disease (Clifford H. Berry)

Canine | Diagnosis | Shelters
Category: Video

Three Models of Care: Expanding Options for Treating Heartworms

Three specialists in shelter medicine explain how they are managing the medical, logistical and financial challenges of treating heartworm infection in patients.

Treatment | Shelters | Veterinary Professionals | Cost | Transport of Infected Pets
Category: Video

Treatment options for heartworm-positive cats

While cats are susceptible to heartworms, unfortunately there are no approved treatments for cats with adult worms. However, as veterinary practitioner and past AHS president Dr. Tom Nelson explains, that doesn't mean veterinarians have no options for managing these patients.

Feline | Prevention | Treatment | Shelters | Veterinary Professionals
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UGA research investigates alternative to doxycycline in a heartworm treatment program

Dr. Molly Salvadelis explains the findings of a UGA study comparing doxycycline to minocycline in a heartworm treatment protocol

Canine | Treatment | Veterinary Professionals
Category: Video

Understanding barriers to heartworm research today

In this video, Emeritus Professor and researcher Dr. Tim Geary of the Institute of Parastitology at McGill University explains the barriers to heartworm research and how it differs from research on other parasites in other species.

Prevention | Veterinary Professionals | Cost
Category: Video

Understanding heartworm-host interactions

In this video, Emeritus Professor and researcher Dr. Tim Geary of the Institute of Parastitology at McGill University explains how a better understanding of heartworms and how they interact with their hosts and their environment might help researchers in the future as they develop new strategies for heartworm prevention.

Canine | Feline | Prevention | Life Cycle | Veterinary Professionals
Category: Video

Understanding the prevalence of heartworm in cats

The true prevalence of heartworms in cats has been a question in the minds of many veterinarians. In this video, veterinary parasitologist and Zoetis scientist Dr. Jessica Rodriguez discusses the findings of a recent study that compared the results of heartworm testing in dogs and cats from a heartworm-endemic area of the U.S. and explains what it revealed about different types of heartworm tests and which tests give the most accurate picture of heartworm prevalence.

Feline | Diagnosis | Shelters | Veterinary Professionals | Incidence
Category: Video

Understanding the risk of heartworm in cats

Heartworm disease in cats is very different from hearhtworm in dogs, as Dr. Tom Nelson explains.

Canine | Feline | Diagnosis | Shelters | Veterinary Professionals | Incidence
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Videos: 2016 NAVC Symposium

Watch EyeOn Heartworm Presentations from the 2016 NAVC Symposium.

Canine | Feline | Prevention | Diagnosis | Treatment
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